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I was born in Washington DC. and have lived in Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, Maryland and Japan. I went to elementary school in Quakertown, PA, Trumbauersville, PA. (a 3 room school with grades 1 - 8 *), Surrattsville HS in Clinton, Maryland (7th and 8th grade), Narimasu HS in Tokyo (9th - 11th grade) and Falls Church HS in Falls Church, VA (12th).  Attended Colorado State in Fort Collins, CO for 2 years.

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Various houses where I lived from 2nd grade through High school. 

Dec. 22, 1940   2901 North Harrison St Arlington, VA. Our first home (rented) 218 Juniper St. Quakertown, PA. My grandparents home where we lived while Dad was in the Pacific in WWII 8 North Main St Trumbauersville PA. Dads fist Owned home. Shared with another Family (The Kelsos) Oakland Ave Prince George County MD. Lived here while Dad was stationed at Andrews AFB No. 70 Sekini-Cho Neshi Ogikubo, Tokyo, Japan 6711 Nevius St. Falls Church, VA. Back in the States again. The last house I lived in with the family.
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The school in Trumbauersville, missing the bell tower though, we used to ring the bell every morning. (by pulling the rope no less). It is now a private School.  Its is a split level with the class rooms (4) on the upper level and the "gym" on the lower level (right side) and Maintenance and furnace etc on the right. They also have the restrooms there, put in when I was in 4th or 5th grade. Much better the going outside to the "outhouse".
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After school I worked a year and then spent a year traveling around Europe by bicycle and Vespa (motor scooter). 

 I was able to attend the 1960 Olympics in Rome and traveled from Spain to Norway and all around the British Isles. 

We have lived in Columbia Maryland since 1969

I worked for the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory here in Howard County as a Asst. Systems Programmer (working mostly with File Maker Pro to build and maintain data bases for our office).  I Retired  after 37 years  beginning November 2002.

In 2005 we moved to Concord, New Hampshire and settled in a Havenwood-Heritage Heights a Retirement Community where we are part of an active community with more than enough to keep us busy.

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