Viet Nam Photos

Looking across the Camp from the outpost Hill Crossing the river on patrol Early morning form the hilltop outpost.
Villagers working their fields Morning formation Team house kitchen
Village nurses Hill top outpost Team house radio corner
Village sick call Patrolling the airstrip Mortar pit, ammo bunker and team house
Dinner with the Vietnamese SF team Valley view Village near camp
Small village checked on patrol Village and valley Small village checked on patrol
Yours truly out cutting beetle nut palms and bamboo Refugees stopping at the camp. Montagnards Family
Sitting on the fender of one of our old Duce and 1/2s                               Kitted up with our Chutes for a jump from a Huey over our
                                                                                                                                    air strip.

Viet Nam Feb63-Aug63
A trip to the Market
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