My grandfather Robert Edgerton Carels worked for a company in Philadelphia PA that supplied oxygen for theater lighting.  He acquired a number of the glass slides used in the Magic Lantern shows 
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  that were popular before motion pictures came on the scene.
All the slides are thumbnails and a click will get a larger image.  Enjoy.

I received this Email the other day.


I just wanted to say that, as a history teacher, I have been using your page with information on magic lanterns for my classes.  It's been very helpful; thank you for making it!

Here's another good page one of my students found that you might want to include:  "Online University of Photography ~ Photographic Collections" -   

It has tons of resources for photographic collections such as lantern slides and stereo views.  I thought your visitors might find it beneficial as well.  (Plus, I would love to show my student that the page she found is incorporated on your website...makes her feel special, haha!)  Hope I could help!

Happy Holidays,
Ms. Sarah Hanson

I was surprised and happy that these pages were getting used and were of some help.

Thanks Sarah.

This  is a view of the top of the wooden box that holds  some of the slides

The slides are divided into 4 sections giving different views as the slide was moved in front of the lens. Some of the slides have captions below each scene (these are in German) others are just numbered.

Niagara Fall - Der Lorenzoslrom - Niagara Fall -Mammuthohle in Kentuky (spelling as it is on the slide) Wild life, some of the slides are not in the best of shape but still viewable for the most part.

More Sea Life More nature slides, these are in pretty good condition

Some of the slides are in sets of 3, but often there are only 1 or 2 of a set. This was a set of 3

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